From £1 per staff member. No tiered licencing model, just simple pricing to make it easy to manage your costs.
Free unlimited number of clients for one year then just 50p per client.
All billing monthly, no up-front costs.

CareLog and CareLog HR

The standard CareLog system is easy to setup and requires no additional intervention from us, unless you want our help.
It can be up and running in a matter of minutes, will provide immediate information from any carer any time, anywhere.
Should you want the full CareLog HR solution then give us a call on 01293 771123 or email and we will be happy to help.

Key Features

Go paperless
Instant Recording of Daily Records
Office alerted immediately
Ensure compliance
Absence Recording (CareLog HR)
Expenses Management (CareLog HR)
Key Dates tracking (CareLog HR)
And lots more (CareLog HR)


Secure Storage in the Cloud
Allows you to access key information where and when you need it
Flexibility has been a key to existing clients operating during the pandemic

Full Reporting

Full reports available
Export data in Excel/CSV formats
Optional APIs available to integrate with other systems (CareLog HR)


Data entry solutions all aimed at mobile entry by carers
Office tools aimed at laptops and desktops but all work on mobile devices for 100% availability whatever device you are using at the time


You can set up CareLog without any intervention from us, but should you want our help then we offer support for an hourly rate.
This means we will only charge you for the time spent on configuration.
If you want the CareLog HR system then there is additional work required by us and is normally a day to implement with additional training afterwards.


Set your own alerts for action required using a simple traffic light system, giving you the ability to action immediately. Save time by focusing on the events that matter most.

CareLog HR

Record staff details from first contact. Whatever you hold as a paper record can be easily transferred to this system, adding real-time alerts.

Absence Tracking

Record absences of any type. Annual leave can be booked from multiple holiday years, with full authorisation.
Staff have the ability to request leave from their preferred device at any time.
Annual leave checked against other staff to ensure cover for work is always maintained.
Sickness recording and evidence captured with reporting including the Bradford Factor.

Expenses Management

Record expenses for billing to clients or reimbursing staff. Easy to use with quick input and photographic receipt capture.
Full reporting and optional integration with Excel or Sage for invoicing or pay.

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